What is Hitguj?

HITGUJ helpline is set up by M.C.G.M. in response to growing acute stress level in people. Life is increasingly becoming complex, people are facing stiff competition in every area- from studies to getting job- children have to score higher to get into good college, employees have to work late, parents work hard to put their children in school, take loans to buy better apartment, family conflicts due to generation gap, increase in lifestyle related health issues(B.P., Diabetes, Heart disease) etc.  Plus, since everybody is busy pursuing their dreams, having people available to have a friendly and long chat is harder than before, giving rise to feeling of general loneliness.

Hitguj’ means open dialogue. A person needs an open and non-judgmental conversation with another person to discuss their problem in better way. In this fast paced life, many a times we don’t pay enough attention to mental health needs(feelings of love, compassion, happiness), focusing on getting through each day of the week- busy with work, urgent matters of family, long hours of traveling, household chores, meeting deadlines etc- all these done for goal of ‘secure’ future. Living life like this, what actually happens is that a lot of our daily stress, pain and minor conflicts in relationships gets piled on till your mind can’t ignore it anymore, leading to feeling of anxiety, depression, fear and anger. Instead of calmly discussing the contentious matter with dear ones, in moment of anger, we speak harshly, put the blame squarely on others, which causes rifts in relationships, be it parent-child, husband-wife, best friend, or colleague. Generally, we discuss such matters with trusted relatives or friends or read self-help books. However, sometimes, this is not enough to reduce the problem as you might not be equipped with problem solving skills, or are uncomfortable to deal with negative emotions or certain facts about the problem. Hence, a helpline is started to help people connect to an expert over a phone call to discuss their personal problems and get effective ways to deal with problem.

Getting counseling is beneficial to our mental health. Counselling is not just talking; it focuses on reducing the problem by understanding the root of the problem and taking steps to empower the caller to face same problems in future in confident manner. Seeking treatment is actually a sign of courage, a strong will to be in charge of one’s life, to change their present situation in order to bring more satisfaction.

If you have any concerns, for example, something is worrying you about yourself, your family, marriage, children, future etc, give a call on 022- 24131212

Hitguj is not only accessed in Mumbai but also all over Maharashtra and pan India. A few calls were received from Indians living abroad.

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