Reasons to call hitguj helpline

Why would you want to call a mental health helpline?

Calling helpline is Not a “sign” of “madness.” You just want to talk with someone about what’s on your mind lately. Who better than an expert who knows commonly experienced problems and who doesn’t label you negatively after hearing your problems? A person who doesn’t know you personally but is willing to hear you and offer effective and scientific solution. This is the greatest advantage of calling a helpline. What are various areas of your life you could discuss with a counsellor? Here are some: For yourself:

  • Repeated negative thoughts about oneself
  • loss of confidence to deal with day-to-day activities
  • Inability to deal with failures in life
  • Anxious thought about what will happen in future
  • Loss of interest in pleasurable activity or any daily activity
  • Feeling disconnected with people, not feeling like talking to anybody, not going out
  • Feeling sad for long time, crying at length for minor reasons
  • Feeling angry at oneself, getting irritated easily at others
  • Headaches due to tension or stress
  • Feeling confused, hurting one’s body like slashing wrists
  • Feeling worthless, hopeless
  • Work stress: Conflicts with superiors, colleagues
  • Exam anxiety, academic failure
  • Finding yourself dependent on alcohol/drugs more than you would like
  • Repeated thoughts about ending your life

For family:

  • Frequent fights with family members
  • Difference of opinions with family members leading to arguments and hurt feeling
  • Feeling neglected by your children

For marriage:

  • Misunderstanding with spouse leading to fights
  • Feeling neglected by spouse
  • Depression after divorce/separation
  • Constant suspicion of spouse
  • Fear of commitment
  • Feeling insecure before marriage

For your children

  • Can’t concentrate on studies for more than 5 min, can’t sit and moves around often
  • Can’t read or write sentences or solve maths appropriate at his age level
  • Bullying by other kids in school
  • Faulty study habits
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Failure in exam due to low motivation or low interest in studies
  • Your child fights frequently with others, hits other children
  • Bed-wetting even after age 5 years
  • Child avoids talking to people, friends
  • Lying to parents and stealing from home or others, running away from school

Your personal details will be kept confidential. Counselling is free(no professional charge), only your phone call rates are applicable.

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