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This blog was created to connect with people who are internet savvy. People who turn to internet for more research, who are comfortable with extensively using social media, and people who like to read articles online.

It’s always good to research online to know more about your symptoms and get more information which your doctor may have missed saying to you, or quell your doubts which you felt wasn’t answered satisfactorily. However, we have observed that people who are tensed and anxious get overwhelmed by sheer information available online, and after hours of searching are unable find useful information. Many of them label themselves with wrong disorders after reading one or two symptoms in the list of symptoms under a particular disorder. Lot of alternative therapies claim to ‘cure’ their illness without giving specific information or steps to achieve it.

So instead of taking all that trouble and getting increasingly worried, why not simply call an mental health expert to ask about your symptoms, and whether these require medical attention and/or can combine it with psychotherapy for effective results? Where you could simply call and talk your heart out and understand whether this is “normal” difficulty(which everyone goes through at some point) or onset of ‘disorder'(where you need help of a expert)

So just give a call! to get effective solutions to your difficulties!!

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